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Benefits of wearing silver!

by mittag jewelry

Silver is a precious treasure in ancient China. In addition to its monetary value, its excellent electrical conductivity and heat transfer properties have also contributed to the 4000-year history of the use of silver goods and even silverware from ancient times.

The thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent of all metals. Assume silver has a thermal conductivity of 100, gold is 53.2, iron is 11.6, and platinum is 8.2. This distinctive thermal conductivity is suitable for use on some tableware. For example, a cream knife that needs to soften the butter quickly, or a dessert spoon that can speed up the melting of the frozen ice cream.

Silver has the function of adsorbing lead attached to the surface of the human body. Silver cups and dishes absorb the lead in water and food. Long-term use of silver tableware can reduce the body's intake of lead and prevent chronic lead poisoning. The silver ions in the silver tableware also have the functions of improving immunity and inhibiting Escherichia coli, and can have the effect of health care, and it is very beneficial to use silver tableware for dining.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, inflammation is fatal, even a minor trauma, and it will kill people's lives because of improper handling. According to the literature, on the battlefields of ancient China, some injured soldiers could not find medicines at once, and they used silver coins that were carried with them to form silver tablets, covering the wounds, not only preventing wound infection, but also speeding up wound healing. Moreover, many people like to pierce ears. Those who pierced ears know that if a pair of iron earrings are worn on the pierced ear, almost 100% of them will be inflamed, and wearing silver earrings will not be inflamed. And the wound heals quickly. This shows that silver has a strong anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing effect.

Moreover, silver also has the ability of sterilization, such as the use of silver bowl makes the water is not easy to deteriorate. In the era of no refrigerator, herdsmen in Inner Mongolia area used to use silver bowl to keep horse milk, which allows the horse milk to stay fresh for longer period of time without becoming sour.

In the scientists experiments, the sewage which containing more than 7,000 Escherichia coli per milliliter was treated with a silver electrode for 3 hours, as a result, all E. coli died. There are also many skin medicines containing silver ions that can cause most bacteria die. According to scientific research, ordinary antibiotics can only work on 6 kinds of pathogens on average, but silver can eliminate 650 germs, so it is known as a "permanent bactericide".



Image Source:每日頭條

Ancient Chinese folk legends also accompanied silver ornaments to ward off evils, making silver ornaments appealing to people, and the custom of letting babies wear silver ornaments is not only conducive to the elimination of “fetal poisons” in the body, but also to the function of avoiding evil and calming the spirits. It has become the best gift for the care and blessing of the new generation.

There are also proverbs in the West: “born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” That is to say, silver has long been regarded by Westerners as a symbol of “wealth” and “health”. Because as early as the 18th century, Westerners found that infants fed with silver spoons were healthier than infants fed with spoons made of other metals. Therefore, the above-mentioned proverb has appeared.

On the other hand, although gold and platinum are higher value than silver, but these metals’ too stable characteristics are not easily integrated with other elements. Therefore, wearing silver jewelry is actually a lot of benefits!


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