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A Taiwanese brand talking about environmental awareness

by mittag jewelry

We once in the article "What! The truth is…! The battle between silver and electroplated alloy jewelry" talked about being a member of the Taiwanese brands - mittag jewelry, we concerned a lot about environmental issues, because we deeply love this land with the people who live on this land; and, in the article also advocates the pursuit of "fast fashion" alloy jewelry will generate a lot of ecological damage; but there are more you may not have thought about yet you must be know. Therefore, let us explain through this article and introduce how mittag jewelry takes these issues.

From mittag jewelry brand's initial heart to the persistence of product packaging

I have some tiny accustomed issues when entered mittag jewelry being an employee. For example, we are not allowed to put a personal trash can in our partition. Later, I learned the founder's intentions, apart from maintaining environmental sanitation, it would also naturally leads people to do the garbage sorting in the tea room. Then I realized that in the early days of the establishment of mittag jewelry, the discussion of how to manage this brand besides providing unique products, what else can it do for this land? In this Taiwanese miniature brand company, employees come from all different places, each with their own expertise and different cognitions and habits. However, after a series of internal discussions and break-in, we realized that we have one thing in common, that is, the persistence of the "green sustainable environmental issues", and has already penetrated into everyone's life, such as carrying personal tableware, reduce the use of plastic bags, and do garbage sorting...etc. Therefore, "being environmentally friendly" is a motto brand awareness of mittag jewelry.


When mittag jewelry thinks about how to practice the idea of ​​environmentally friendly on the packaging, we learn from a Taiwanese brand “Wooderful Life”, which is dedicated to wooden products, that using mature wood with poor carbon fixation can indirectly promote trees planting (planting new seedlings that increase carbon storage and distribute more oxygen), which can effectively slow down the earth's greenhouse effect. Hence, when we use wood products, we are making a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. It is not that we generally recognize that the use of wood products is hurting forests. Therefore, after we searched many factories, mittag jewelry finally found the right business partner in Changhua and handmade our wooden jewelry boxes. Moreover, in order to be completely environmentally friendly, the surface of the jewelry box is only coated with natural wood wax, and it is processed without any chemical spray paint, showing its natural wood texture. In addition, in the mittag jewelry product, the leather holster packaging used in the bangle products is made of vegetable tanned cow leather. The vegetable tannin is the earliest method of tanning. It is made by extracting tannins from plants and other ingredients to make tannins. Therefore, the leather made from vegetable tannins does not contain chemical substances such as heavy metals, also can directly contact the skin, and can retain the natural texture and luster of the leather. This is the insistence of mittag jewelry on the packaging materials, and strive in line with brand awareness.

The electroplating process and mittag jewelry’s choice

Although in the article "What! The truth is…! The battle between silver and electroplated alloy jewelry", we once mentioned that the pollution of electroplating is one of the culprits that caused irreparable damage to the land, and this article has caused many customers to resound. Therefore, we take this opportunity to elaborate some facts you must know, and once again remind you to consider more before buying a jewelry.

To be correct, the electroplating process is not just for jewelry. It should be said that all metal hardware industries are likely to use this technology, so it belongs to the "electroplating and metal surface treatment industry" in the government industry classification. The source of pollution is not the plated product itself, but the wastewater generated during the electroplating process. Since the heavy metal ions contained in the polluted wastewater are positively charged, if it is not correctly treated, it enters the river farmland through the drainage facility, and the soil is negatively charged, so if it is combined with the soil, these metal ions exceed the background value, it will be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the soil, and will not be decomposed by microorganisms for years, and will affect the health of people on this land and the cultivated crops, stock farming and ecological environment here.

Because of the "economic take-off" period in Taiwan in the 1950s, due to the development of manufacturing industry, Taiwan was able to enjoy the reputation of "Asian Four Little Dragons", but the government in this era did not establish any regulations to supervise the industry. In 1982, the first "cadmium rice incident" in Taoyuan began, after the follow-up expansion of the detection, the area contaminated expanded to Taichung, Yunlin, Changhua and other places, with a pollution area of 533 hectares. A closer look at the comparison between the polluted areas and the industrial and commercial registration data reveals that it is related to the pollution of the "electroplating and metal surface treatment industry". 

The future of mittag jewelry and the international thinking of sustainable jewelry

For the "Sustainable Jewelry" issue that has been popular in Europe, America and Japan in recent years, although in Taiwan jewelry industry, this issue has just started. mittag jewelry participated in the seminar held on December 1, 2018. In May 2020, mittag has successfully passed the review of "Fairmined" certification, introducing fair trade precious metals to Taiwan and providing consumers with more choices, becoming the only jewelry brand in Taiwan that uses fair trade precious metals. In March 2021, the "Organic Gold and Organic Silver" made by the more advanced and environmentally-friendly "eco gold stripping technique" were adapted by mittag. At the same time, we provide consumers with whatever they want to choose either from mines or recycling, both from the good intention of caring for the sustainable environment. It is worth mentioning that this advanced "echo gold stripping technique" is a new technology that is unique in the world, and it was invented by a Taiwanese company "UWin Nanotech"! The technology was also highly admired by President Tsai Ing-wen at the "Taiwan International Circular Economy Exhibition'' in 2018. The reason that mittag jewelry keeps moving forward, the most important purpose is to continue working hard with everyone for this land we love. The environment in Taiwan needs a long time to repair because of the past damage, but it’s future can be a beautiful environment for us to live forever with everyone’s participation and continuous attention on environment protection.

mittag jewelry uses Fairmined Gold and Organic Silver

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