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最遙遠的距離其實最近 │手作珠寶的迷人之處

The farthest distance is actually the most recent │ hand-made silver charm

by mittag jewelry

Sometimes gathering with friends, because I work in the jewelry industry, so it is easy to be taken out as a chat at the party; but interestingly, I sometimes get some inspiration from here... viva parties~~ (ps boss, can the receipt be reported? please~~) In the group, there is a friend who often brings some special products back to Taiwan to sell on internet when going on a business trip to the United States. This time they raised an interesting question and caused a discussion ...

"Why bother build an own brand, isn’t it faster to go abroad to import goods to sell back to Taiwan?"

"Why don't you use a computer to design and to print 3D out? Isn't it too tiring working by hand?"

Uh huh~ Yes! These thoughts are right! But this is not the way mittag wants to go...

The life warrior Mr. Zhu Zhongxiang, who has suffered from rare muscular atrophy, has a famous saying: "A person's attitude towards life determines the value of a person." I think this is a formula suitable for brand positioning.


We choose only one way from thousands of possibilities

In the jewelry industry, hundreds of ways of operation! But in simple terms, it can be divided into four main types.

The 1st type is the form of buying abroad and selling in Taiwan, and here we do not recognize it as a brand, and this is the most method of business operation! For example, some people go to Southeast Asia, India, Japan, South Korea and other places to purchase regularly, and return to Taiwan to sell on the Internet, small stores or roadside stalls! Like the Korean style swept in recent years, fast fashion is on the rise! Even draw a LOGO and grab some pictures of idols on the Internet to say that it is a brand! The advantage is "fast", but the disadvantage is that it can be sold by everyone. And because it is not made by self, it is possible that re-sellers do not even know the quality of the products.

The 2nd is the form of sales after the purchase of jewelry parts, this is the easier model in managing brand! In essence, it is not self-developed, so the quality cannot be properly handled. But we think that at least it is processed by self! It is also a basic condition for achieving the "uniqueness" that a brand should have.

The 3rd is a more formal brand! It produces goods in a self-developed or outsourced way! Competing with other stores like previous two sales forms through the uniqueness of the goods! As long as you can place enough orders, the outsourcing manufactories will be willing to serve the brand, even the valet design. Due to the prosperity of Taiwan's outsourcing industry, the relevant outsourcing industry chain is relatively mature compared to other countries! Most of the designers sought by the brand or the outsourced factories are accustomed to the industrial mass production operation mode drawn by computer, because this can best meet the needs of Taiwan's OEM industry chain! Moreover, due to the breakthroughs and thresholds of 3D printing technology in recent years, more brands are choosing to operate in this way!

The 4th, the brand thinking of "the farthest distance is actually the most recent"

And mittag chooses the 4th one, which is also the way that fewer brands will choose! It is the product development designed by hand-workers! Through handwork, the soul of the professional is injected into the commodity through both hands and provided to the consumer. On the surface, it is indeed the most time-consuming and labor-intensive, but in reality, it is the “closest” to the hearts of consumers. Do you know that industrialized mass-produced feed chickens can be sold in six weeks, but it takes 16 weeks to raise wild chickens? In addition to the different tastes of the pheasant and the feed chicken, is there still a feeling of "wandering in the wild mountain forest"? That's right, this is the fascinating thing about hand making silver jewelry. Look at the mittag's merchandise, from time to time to reveal a warm human temperature, which is definitely not achieved by using a computer and drawing with a ruler.



Moreover, we often receive thank-you messages from our customers through various channels. After purchasing goods, will you actually write your gratitude on a "letter", post the stamp and "go out" to drop into the mailbox to thank the merchant? I saw it at mittag, and we received it more than once! Every time I read them, every time I get different feelings. 

These letters have been carefully collected by us! And often remind us that " never forget the original intention." Because we believe:


"If you have to walk farther because you want to do something right, then it’s not really far~"

"If we can get close to your heart, even if we have to go farther, it is worth it~"

mittag 2018


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