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mittag jewelry提供 1元手工敲字和電腦雷射雕刻的客製化服務,讓您的禮物超特別

Hand stamping and laser engraving service of mittag

by mittag jewelry

mittag hand stamping service:

This service is to add extra customized services for the products you purchase. It is to manually stamping the English capital letters you need to the products. It has a natural touch because of the manual knocking. There is a certain degree of depth difference or skewness, so please consider it before choosing this service.

Hand stamping is not suitable for all products (generally necklaces and bracelets), and will vary depending on the design and size of the product you choose, and it may be even unable to stamp. Therefore, if the product is suitable for hand-stamping, you can see the option of this service on the product page, and it costs only US$0.03 for the purpose of serving consumers.


mittag laser engraving service:

This service uses computer laser engraving to engrave your English or Chinese characters on the products. Same as manual stamping, not all products are suitable for this service. If a product is suitable for laser engraving, you can also see the option of this service on the product page, and please note the following:

1. Laser engraving can engrave up to 3 Chinese words or 6 English letters. If the word is less than this, the price is the same.

2. Because Chinese characters are very different, depending on your actual situation, we will have someone to discuss with you.


In addition, whether it is manual stamping or laser engraving both are customized behavior, so the seven-day appreciation period cannot be applied to these products. Please consider before selecting this service. When you are making payment, please provide the following information in the order remarks in the lower left corner (as shown above):

A. Please provide your contact phone number and email address. We will have someone to contact you for confirmation.

B. Write down the words that you want to have manual stamping/laser engraving.

C. Indicate on which product that you want to customize. (If there is only one item can be omitted)

 (warm reminder: The manual stamping/ laser engraving  service will depend on the length of the English words, the design of the product, and the dimension of the product. To protect your rights and interests, please do provide detailed contact information. Thank you!)

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