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Jewelry wearing tips and tricks

by mittag jewelry

Every time when I go out, if my ears, neck or fingers are empty without wearing any accessories, it is as if my clothes are not properly dressed. However, if the jewelry worn does not match our face shape, body figure or clothing, it will make us feel super awkward, and it is not adding any extra points to the overall styling. Therefore, how to wear jewelry is also an issue worthy discussion, so mittag jewelry sorts out the jewelry wearing skills, that you can wear the accessories according to your face shape and body figure, let you wear your own style. In this article, we analyze only the female group and will have to say sorry to the male friends... Here we classify into 3 groups: earrings/ necklaces/ rings.

Make your super hot with suitable earrings

It is said that the correct pair of earrings can be painlessly “bone-cut” and modify your face shape, making the stiff face lines get tenderer and making the rounded cheeks become slim, so the earrings are the fastest and no angle concerns’ "face optimization"! So, how to choose the right earrings for different shapes of face?

Square face

Do not wear square, diamond, triangle earrings; it is recommended to choose round earrings to weaken the stiff lines of the face. Round, oval and earrings without edges are suggested. If you choose earrings with pendants, remember that the pendants should be short, not to exceed the mandibles, to avoid attracting others’ eyes to stay in the stiff parts of the face.

mittag jewelry教您方臉的耳環穿戴方法
mittag jewelry教您方臉的耳環穿戴方法

Round face

Avoid the choice of round earrings, which will make the whole face more rounded; it is recommended to choose earrings that can increase the length of the face visually. You can use the line shape, teardrop shape and long earrings to make the face ratio look better. It can also achieve a visual effect that makes the face thinner and increase the feeling of exquisiteness.

mittag jewelry教您圓臉的耳環穿戴方法
mittag jewelry教您圓臉的耳環穿戴方法

Long face

Avoid long-shaped earrings such as long strips and line-shaped earrings; if you choose earrings with pendants, the length of the earrings should not exceed the chin, otherwise the length of the face will be strengthened; it is recommended to choose a circle, a fan shape or a round ring earrings to modify the face shape. Better to select an earring that visually increases the width of the face to enhance the roundness of the face.

mittag jewelry教您長臉的耳環穿戴方法

Short face

Don't wear small stud earrings. It is recommended to choose long earrings with visually elongated facial lines. The length over the chin can extend the face effect. The long strips, the line shape and the tassel earrings are suitable, especially tassel earrings can not only make the face slim, but also add femininity.

mittag jewelry教您短臉的耳環穿戴方法
mittag jewelry教您短臉的耳環穿戴方法

Heart-shaped face

Try to avoid the upper wide and lower narrow style; better to wear the "upper edge narrow, lower edge wide" earrings, such as teardrop shape, gourd shape, and not very sharp triangle. They can make the face look more balanced like a perfect oval-shaped face.

mittag jewelry教您瓜子臉的耳環穿戴方法
mittag jewelry教您瓜子臉的耳環穿戴方法

In fact, the summary of the criteria for choosing earrings is not to choose earrings that are similar to the face shape. For example, the larger face is suitable for small and delicate earrings, and the small face can choose exaggerated bold earrings. Long-haired girls can choose straight or oversized earrings, which are more fascinating; medium-length hair can try larger and uniquely designed earrings to highlight their personal style; short hair can choose small and simple earrings to increase women's soft feeling .

Different necklace lengths meke you exquisiteness or domineering

There are many options for the length of a female necklace:
40cm choker chain
45cm princess chain
50~60cm matinee chain
75~90cm opera chain

鎖骨項鍊與公主項鍊的穿戴長度示意圖|mittag jewelry
馬汀尼項鍊與歌劇項鍊的穿戴長度示意圖|mittag jewelry

40cm choker chain

The length of the necklace of the choker chain is about a little below the collarbone, just to bring out the sexy clavicle. The choker chain is often used with a delicate pendant because of the short chain, which can fully express the elegant and charming temperament; It is also very suitable for everyday occasions such as the daily collocation or participation in banquets. The choker chain not only highlights the feminine charm, but also allows the wearer to have a small face effect and to balance the longer proportion of the face. The length of such a necklace can be perfectly matched with any garment, but if there is more flesh on the neck, it is more appropriate to choose the one below.

45cm princess chain

The princess chain necklace length is between the neck and the chest. It can modify the face to make the face look delicate and highlight the neck line. It has the same effect as the V-neck dress, and the princess chain necklace can easily match with any clothes like the round-neck, V-neck clothes and shirt. So the 45cm princess chain length is the most common and popular length. In addition to smooth the face shapes with the princess chain necklace length, with a long-shaped pendant can make the face look more like a heart-shaped face.

50~60cm matinee chain

The martini chain necklace length is about around the chest. It means the social occasion of the afternoon party. It has a feeling of grabbing attention without too exaggerate. It can be worn with all kinds of dresses. The martini necklace is similar in effect to the princess chain, and it can create an elongated visual effect. This length of necklace can not only have a V-shaped face and slimming effect, but also can smooth the neck line. It is full of personality and can be matched with a variety of dresses, plain clothing can add decoration through the length of necklace, with V-neckline clothes can be very sexy, super eye-catching.

75~90cm opera chain

The opera chain necklace is about the length between the chest and the navel. It is suitable for wearing to attend dinner parties. The purpose is to create a gorgeous and luxurious feeling, which can immediately attract the audiences’ attentions. This length can modify face with a rounded, softer facial line and perfectly matches with all other lengths of necklaces. This length of necklace can easily convey the domineering feeling like a queen, and can attract the audiences in one second to become the focus of attention.

Meanwhile, a pendant design will bring quite different feelings with the different lengths of the matching necklaces. It can not only modify the face shape and body figure, but also fully convey the personal temperament and personality. Wearing a few necklaces of different lengths at the same times is also a personal mix styles . If you are particularly fond of a certain length, you can specify the required length of the necklace you want when placing orders, we will fulfill your needs.

Pick a suitable ring to highlight your personality

Everyone has the habit of using their right or left hands, so wearing a ring is often adjusted according to their dominant hands. Although some articles will subdivide the meanings of the each fingers, or even more to divide into the males and females wearing the ring on different fingers, but we feel that is too complicated, and it is difficult to remember, and furthermore international trend is not so subdivided, so here we only provide the big direction, and do not distinguish between the left and right hands to convey the meaning of wearing rings on each fingers.


The thumb itself means the effort to achieve the goal and turn hope into reality. When you want to overcome difficulties, you can put your ring on your thumb and follow the belief to the road to success. A ring suitable for the thumb: Choose a wide, simple, minimalist style, and avoid choosing a particularly slim ring.

Index finger

The index finger represents the positive movement and the courage to break through the current situation. People with rings on their index fingers are usually independent, open-minded, active, free-spirited, have their own thoughts, and dare to challenge new things. A ring suitable for the index finger: You can choose a third dimension, bold, eye-catching design that helps to illuminate the overall momentum.

Middle finger

The middle finger mainly means full of creativity, good at communication and increase cooperation efficiency. People with a ring wearing on a middle finger usually have a strong sense of responsibility and a family person, and the personality is gentle and not easy to conflict with others. A ring suitable for the middle finger: There are many choices for the ring on the middle finger. It can be a elegant colored gemstone, or a diamond ring. It can also simply be a gold or silver design with certain weight.

Ring finger

The ring finger mainly represents the commemoration, and the mind is settled. The person wearing the ring finger is usually easy-going and does not like to bother others. A ring suitable for the ring finger: a simple, meticulous single gemstone ring or a simple design ring is suitable for wearing on the ring finger.

Little finger

The little finger mainly represents the opportunity and the meaning of intuition. If you are looking forward to some fortunes, or if you want a dream come true, you can wear a little finger ring. A ring suitable for the little finger: the delicate line ring, the cute little embellishment are all suitable.

Generally speaking, the wearing of the ring also indicates the relationship state of the person; for example, the ring wearing on the middle finger indicates that the person is in love or has been engaged; while the single person wearing the middle finger can increase the romantic encounters, strengthen the popularity with the opposite sex, and make the person more attractive. Usually people are used to wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger, because it is said that the blood vessels on the ring finger are connected to the heart, which is the "heart connected" finger, so it is the best to declare a sacred vow. The little finger represents being single or unmarried bachelorism person, but in the Chinese society, wearing the little finger ring is to prevent the villain, isn’t it very interesting?

But in fact, I personally have a “particular” worry, that is, there are too many accessories to choose from in my jewel box. Every day, I have to worry about which set of accessories to wear. I sometimes wish to have three heads and six arms plus thirty fingers in order to wear all accessories. Oops, am I “particularly” annoying ((hit))?

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