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台灣品牌實踐循環經濟  mittag jewelry商品回收舊換新服務

circular economy - mittag jewelry products recycling and replacement service

by mittag jewelry

The COVID-19 caused international panic and crisis at the beginning of 2020, and more people began to join and face to this issue, which is the concern of human life in the future-sustainable environment. An open letter “Please, let's not go back to normal”published by Le Monde in France on May 6, 2020. It was from international superstar Madonna, Nobel Peace Prize winner Yunus and 200 international scientists and celebrities . They all called on leaders of all countries and citizens of the world to stop returning to normal after the epidemic cools down in the future, instead, we must abandon the current but not sustainable logic to examine what is really necessary in life. The letter also mentions that we have been pursuing consumerism, enterprises are addicted to increasing production capacity, which makes us ignore the value of animals, plants and many human lives themselves. And called for such an economic model must be changed to save the planet.

2020年5月6日由法國「世界報」(Le Monde)刊登的一篇給世界各國領袖的公開信『Please, let’s not go back to normal (拜託!讓我們別回到正常生活)』

sourced from:Le Monde

Coincidentally, we are collecting and sorting the questions frequently asked by customers, so that we can make a reference when choosing topics before writing articles; we did not expect to find the recent "circular economy" articles about "The circular economy that Taiwan needs (1) green product planning" has aroused many people's positive affirmation, and even many customers were curious and asked about the mittag jewelry products recycling and replacement service while buying new items. The topic of circular economy that has been popular internationally for several years has also begun to arouse curiosity and attention from Taiwan consumers. In this case, let us further explain the mittag jewelry products recycling and replacement service (love)!

Increasing the use of goods

According to our private unofficial survey, compared with westerners, we generally have a shorter usage period for jewelry, that is to say, the idle rate of jewelry purchased by us will be higher, and the average wearing life of a jewelry is about 1-2 years, and then the jewelry faces the fate of being stored away or even abandoned. Hence, mittag jewelry hopes to increase the service life of the jewelry, because we know clearly, if the abandoned jewelry are not handed over to professional goldsmiths for dismantling and re-refining for reuse, it will be directly discarded and buried or burned down to ash. 


"Producing high-quality product means showing respect and responsibility to customers and product users ... Because longer product life means that we can use fewer consumables, so we need to make fewer things, resulting in less damage. " This has always been the goal of mittag jewelry's efforts. We hope to manufacture high-quality products so that customers can wear them comfortably for a very long time. We are happy to provide free cleaning services, and also provide lifetime maintenance services (the cost will be charged according to the degree of repair); 
no matter how many years they have been sold, we always serve with a grateful feeling. In the end, if customers has decided to never wear them again, we are also very happy to recycle and refine them, not to waste any resources, so that each piece of jewelry can have a chance to be reborn and serve new owners with a brand-new look. Therefore, mittag jewelry began to provide this service ahead of the industry in 2019, which is to directly recycle our products. The purpose is to invite you to join the core spirit of the circular economy: "sustainable recycling of resources" together for the environment of Taiwan.

Improving product recycle rate

In order to facilitate the recycle rate of the goods, you only need to provide the products themselves (for example, the necklace contains pendants and chains ...), need not to provide warranty cards or other proof of purchase. You can enjoy an unprecedented discount when purchasing other products of mittag (The offer is subject to the first note of purchasing notice). You can directly inform the online store staff before placing an order through the official website of mittag jewelry. We are very happy to provide you with this service and together with you to love Taiwan and the earth ~


Then, mittag jewelry will regularly deliver the recycled jewelry material to professional alchemists to use environmentally friendly alchemy methods to extract back pure gold and sterling silver, and then use them again in new products of mittag jewelry. In this way, precious metals can be used endlessly, which is montag's goal, but this goal requires your joint participation to achieve.

A variety of packaging options to meet your different needs

In addition to the mittag jewelry product recycling plan to enjoy an unprecedented discount when purchasing new products, you can also get another additional discount on the packaging. On the packaging aspect, the ideal packaging method in our mind of mittag jewelry is to provide the jewelry itself without any packaging for you to wear immediately, without making other packaging, so that we can right away reduce many packaging wastes; but in fact, there are still many difficulties to reach this idea, and we will work hard to move forward in this direction, but this will also require your supports and participations in order to achieve it. In terms of the current situation, what we can do is to provide two options of eco-packaging and gift packaging. If you choose eco-packaging, you can immediately get a discount of US$3 off. (There is no conflict with other discounts, you are welcome to use discounts at the same time)! The followings are the differences between eco-packaging and gift packaging:


Eco packaging: silver polish cloth + warranty card + clip bag
Gift packaging: silver polish cloth + warranty card + brand gift box + brand gift bag


Therefore, if you are buying a gift for yourself instead of present to someone, it is recommended that you can choose eco-packaging when you place an order on the official website, remember to [Login Member] and apply a coupon code [EcoPackaging] while making payments to get US$3 deduction immediately. Now, why not just go to mittag's official website to enjoy the experience of getting so many discounts!


Gift packaging: silver polish cloth + warranty card + brand gift box + brand gift bag


Eco packaging: silver polish cloth + warranty card + clip bag


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