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The touching of the handmade brand! Introducing Taiwanese handmade brands

by mittag jewelry

We were often asked why mittag jewelry brand decided to make silver jewelry by hand. Why not use computer 3D graphics and use 3D printing technology to output mockups, it’s faster, more accurate and less material wasting! Yes, 3D printing output has a lot of benefits, and the cost is not that expensive, but it doesn't appeal to us at all...because we are deeply attracted to handmade goods. Here, we have a few internal examples of mittag to let you know our initial intentions.

Although industrialized mass-produced products are highly accurate, error-free, and reasonably priced, they are widely used, especially in Taiwan, where the industrialization is quite developed. And, each of these goods looks exactly the same, you definitely won't pick up one by one to appreciate, because you can't tell which one belongs to which person, of course, we will not emotionally connected with the products. For example, in the case of dishes for dining, it is common to buy industrial dishes for cooking, eating, and drinking. But mittag prepares individual tablewares for employees to enjoy the fun while eating. The hand-painted and glazed plate purchased from the Taiwanese brand "Mao’s Joyful Kiln" is a hand-made pottery brand created by two sisters of Yingge after the Xiangxin kiln established by the father Mr. Mao Changhui in 1980. Because it is not a mass-produced product, the glaze color will be slightly different from the kiln temperature. The plate picture shows the best memory that everyone has provided, so we can tell which bowl belongs to whom at a glance. Because it is made by hand, according to the kiln and firing time, the average production time takes 15~20 working days. But we are willing to wait, because it brings mittag employees a good dining experience, but also reminds us of the brand attitude of insisting on handmade goods in this strong industrial environment. In addition, I’ve got a handmade pottery tea cup which designer Mimi gave me, and it is the only one in the world, isn’t that so cool.


In addition, colleague James also likes to work as a carpenter in his spare time. He said that this is the way he vented his pressure. We have seen his handmade chairs, pen holders, plates, and tablewares, because he said that handmade wood furniture has a unique sense of life, so he would like to do it himself. Therefore, we are fortunate to order a customized working table and the mittag signboard for our studio to  "Yutian Woodcrafts Co., Ltd." in Hsinchu City and its brand "Wood Viga Space Design - Wood Furniture". The owner of this brand, KK and Yawai, are the top teachers specializing in handmade woodworking teaching. Through years of hard work, the company has gradually adopted a diversified operation, combining woodworking teaching, hand-made furniture and space design. Traditional or country-style furniture are designed and handmade by themselves, and the quality is guaranteed. Of course, this is also one of the Taiwanese brands that work with mittag every day.


Besides, Mimi is particularly fond of handmade leather goods, and she loves a brand called "ea handmade sandals boutique apparel" on Tailong Road in Taichung City, founded in 1997, a Taiwan's handmade leather goods brand. She often carries the brand's bags to everywhere she goes, the brand's identification card holster, the transportation card holster, and continues to use the brand's one wallet for more than "ten years", we asked her why not to get a new one? She said that she tried to change the wallet  to a well-known brand several times, but she always ended up to change back to the this wallet in a few days, for that it is a leather wallet which is not easily broken. And more, because it is a Taiwanese handmade wallet, Mimi often touches it back and forth and feels it with her heart. So the wallet is filled with the favorite historical footprint. I think that Mimi will not change her wallet in this lifetime :P!


As for me, I like to cut and sew cloth, to decorate my own clothes, or sew my own tool storage bag, and make tableware bag as gifts to designers Dashan and Mimi. Going abroad always brought back with local fabrics to create a variety of items that are needed for life. On the one hand, I can tailor the items needed for life, and on the other hand, I will never wear same clothes or bags with someone else. I also like handmade foods (handmade jams, handmade biscuits, handmade ice cream or bread, etc.), and often bring them to the studio to share with colleagues. We all love to eat them and feel very safe, because the sellers have already made them by hands and hearts, is it still possible to add extra chemical stuff inside?

In the cleaning section, we use the simple and honest "Yuan" handmade soap, which is more primitive than the general liquid detergent. Once get used to soap for a while and we really can't go back to liquid detergent because we are so used to the refreshing of soap, easy to rinse, the taste is relatively simple and natural. Not only for the skin cleaning, but also the housekeeping cleaning changed into handmade soap, including dishwashing, laundry…, although it’s not as convenient as liquid detergent, but the cleanliness is very good. Moreover, it can also be an effort for environmental protection, because the soapy water of the handmade soap will be completely decomposed and absorbed by the microorganisms after about 24 hours; but the synthetic surfactant in the general detergent is difficult to decompose, which is easy to cause the environmental ecological pollution.

So you see, we are so fascinated by handcrafted products, is it possible to draw a design drawing with a computer and output it with a 3D printer? Our soul is just full of handmade spirits, we believe that handmade works will pay for the vitality and uniqueness of the works, so we are willing to spend more time on hand-painted design drawings, hand-saws, hand-welding, hand-finishing, hand-polished to finish the work by hand. Every item is shipped to you through our numerous hand-picked inspections, so each item has our hand temperature, we hope that this temperature can reach you and let you really feel the charm of the handmade goods.

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