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Fair Trade Green Your Life

by mittag jewelry

Taiwan fair trade brands work together and support each other: OKOgreen + mittag jewelry

Do you know? mittag jewelry has worked hard for an year and a half, and with the help of many people, we could finally become the first and only fair trade jewelry brand in Taiwan. Here we would like to specially thank the chairman Ms. Karen Yu and Secretary General Ms. Huei Chen Chan of the "International Fair Trade Organization Taiwan Branch", with their assistance and encouragement for more than an year, helped mittag jewelry to contact the Fairtrade Organization headquarters, Hong Kong, and South Korea, so that we were not alone in our efforts. But after all, there was no precedent cases of managing fair trade precious metal in Taiwan, all application operations and rules are not universal in the current system, mittag jewelry could only learn and grow by bumping. Meanwhile, we are also truly very grateful to "Fairtrade Taiwan" for welcoming mittag jewelry to join Taiwan's fair trade group on the official website.

We would also like to thank Wenyen Hsu and Amber Chan, the general manager of OKOgreen, because we are both fair trade brands, and OKOgreen has experienced various difficulties in promoting fair trade in the past, so OKOgreen has not hesitated to extend their kindness to us, enthusiastically assisting our proposals and activities. So when mittag jewelry became the only fair trade jewelry brand in Taiwan, the first fair trade jewelry product chosen was the well-known fair trade coffee as the starting point. 100% fair trade coffee beans were provided by OKOgreen, and then we carefully selected one by one the most beautiful bean, and cast it into a fair trade coffee bean jewelry necklace to record the important memorial promoting the concept of fair trade in Taiwan.

However, the casting process of fair trade precious metals is not as easy as other ordinary jewelry. Due to the "Fairmined" casting regulation, we must find a precious metal foundry that can fully cooperate to completely separate and isolate fair trade precious metals from other gold and silver sources, and agreed to let us provide our own casting tools so that this batch of gold from Peru and silver from Colombia can be claimed complying with Fairmined's standard casting production to ensure the complete traceability of the entire manufacturing process. After casting each bean, we carefully filed it and polished it to a perfect state. Then laser engraved the Fairmined mark on each bean, giving it 100% fair trade precious metal raw materials authentication.



It’s not easy to go all the way, and it took us more than an year to get here, but as the Fairmined european supplier of mittag jewelry said when cheering for us: "Becoming Fairmined ID: TW30001 (Taiwan No. 01) is not easy. Although the process will be very hard, it is definitely on the right path." As we mentioned in "Changing the world with consumption by choosing fair trade" , "nearly 85% of the fair trade certified coffee is also organic coffee that is more beneficial to the environment and workers' health. So producers who get fair trade help can also provide better and healthier products to consumers." Fairmined also has the same concept. "treat nature in a friendly manner, and purchase goods at a reasonable price." Mining using safe and protective equipment to work and protect the ecological environment is in the right direction and on the right way. Fair trade makes our lives "green", and we do believe that more people will join us in the future. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." In order to go far together, mittag jewelry sincerely invites you to join us and move forward hand in hand.

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