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mittag jewelry工作室照片

about mittag jewelry

mittag comes from Taiwan

mittag jewelry was established in 2012, and it means MIT (Made in Taiwan) brand, because we insist and promise all mittag’s products are all made in Taiwan, and at the same time, we sincerely hope you could memorise it easily by its mit brand name, because we love Taiwan so much as you do. Hence, by handwriting thousands of mittag, and the team repeatedly screened out the most appropriate handwriting to make the brand logo, hoping to inject the brand spirit with handmade temperature that cannot be replaced by industrial mass production.

mittag jewelry金工設計師工作中照片

The pilot of Taiwan's sustainable jewellery, mittag’s brand guarantees

As a member of Taiwanese brands, mittag jewelry is active in the pursuit of sustainable environmental activities such as beach cleanup and energy conservation. With the implementation of the products and services, in order to work with customers to take care of the environment, here, mittag jewelry actively implements the following goals and commitments:


1. "Localized production reducing carbon footprint"
Our design, production, and processing in Taiwan can not only effectively reduce the carbon footprint, fulfill the brand spirit of loving Taiwan, ensuring the excellent quality of MIT products, but also maintain Taiwanese job market. Not only can we retain professionals for the industry, but also contribute little effort to Taiwan's economy.


2. “Using fair trade certified gold and silver”
After years of trying, mittag jewelry has finally got the "Fairmined" (established by ARM “Alliance for Responsible Mining”) certification in May 2020, becoming the first and only jewelry brand in Taiwan that uses fair trade precious metals. Let the source of the materials behind the beautiful jewelry you bought come from the good intentions in line with fair trade and sustainable environment. Read the article "The only jewelry brand using fair trade precious metals in Taiwan—mittag jewelry" to know more details.


3. "Using UWin Nanotech environmental friendly Organic Gold and Organic Silver"
Since the establishment of the brand in 2012, mittag jewelry has begun to use precious metal recycled from jeweler’s shops and waste electronic products to produce products. In 2021, we adopted the "Organic Gold" and "Organic Silver" produced by a Taiwan company UWin Nanotech using “all environmental friendly gold stripping technique" to extract precious metals, making the circular economy even greener. Read the article "Taiwan has rich gold mines|mittag jewelry adopts "organic gold and silver”" to know more…


4. "The product is not electroplated and does not pollute the environment"
In the article "A Taiwanese brand talking about environmental awareness", mittag jewelry mentioned that the electroplating products are seriously harmful to the environment and water. Therefore, mittag jewelry provides "hand polishing" and "free lifetime maintenance" to replace the highly polluting environment of the electroplating process. In addition to making sure the jewelry you buy is equally beautiful from the inside to the outside, it also greatly reduces the chance of jewelry making you allergic, and also reduces the frequency of changing jewelry and the trouble of maintaining jewelry.


5. "Environmental friendly product packaging"
From the beginning of the establishment of the brand, mittag jewelry completely excluded plastic materials in the packaging part, and used wooden jewelry boxes and paper thread or honeycomb paper to package and transport your goods. The current revised jewelry box is made of paper, and it is printed with soy ink, so that it can be naturally decomposed by the environment or recycled again to achieve zero waste. In addition to allowing you to enjoy shopping but also meets your environment protection requirements, we also provide “Eco packaging” options (shop naked), allowing you to immediately enjoy a discount of NT$100.


6. "Commodity recycling and remanufacturing"
mittag’s products such as 925 silver, 18K gold, etc. are labeled as it is. In order to protect the environment and promote circular economy, any product you buy at mittag can be recycled by mittag, and you can purchase your new mittag jewelry at a favorable price (detailed recycling discount plan please refer to the "purchase notice" on the official website), so that you can take action with mittag together to cherish resources and let this love cycle.


7. "Annual donations to Taiwan's environmental protection groups"
The design concept of mittag's specific series comes from thinking about the huge impact of climate change on the environment and species. For example, the idea of chasing ice series is because we feel the greenhouse effect causes the melting of icebergs, so polar bears live a life of chasing ice, that’s why we name it. Therefore, we will donate 10% of the selling price to the "Taiwan Environmental Information Association" for every order for the chasing ice series, whale series, and polar bear. We are eagerly looking forward to your actions and participation, together be stronger!


Self-satisfied, self-motivated brand attitude

The vast majority of people, like you and me, facing this fast-changing world today, and we need to work hard from 9am to 8pm; but in the heart, we gradually forgot the leisure of the breeze touches our faces... we forgot the temperature when hugging our family and friends... we forgot for whom we fought for... we forgot when was the last laugh from the heart, when was the tears when so moved...


There, mittag also has a meaning of lunch break in German.

mittag wants to create lots of heart-warming products and, through their unique meanings, accompany you to face many challenges in life, and remind you from time to time that you should not forget your original intention, not forget the green grass in your heart. Because in the depth of heart, we are eager to fight for a moment of calm, just like having a cup of coffee in the afternoon at the office, this kind of pursuit inner self-satisfaction is the most important belief that the mittag brand wants to convey. During this lunch break, you are able to return to the nature and return to the self (me); as if the brand wants to convey the true nature of the self, the NatureME.


mittag jewelry品牌包裝

mittag silver 4 major products service standing in your position

In order to make your purchase at mittag silver safer and more convenient, we cooperate with well-known third-party payment companies and well-known convenient shops, post office and home delivery companies, and provide "free shipping in Taiwan", "7 days appreciation period", "permanent warranty" and "lifetime free maintenance", let you experience the complete service of mittag silver from inside to outside.