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mittag jewelry|jewelry care

925 silver and K gold jewelry wearing and maintenance method

1. Avoid contact with sweat, sea water, hot springs and swimming (salt water and chlorine water can  damage jewelry).
2. Wipe the sweat and dust away with a fine cotton cloth or a Silver Polishing Cloth after each wear.
3. When not wearing, please clean it with a neutral detergent, dry it with a fine cotton cloth and store it in a zipper bag to prevent oxidation and blackening.
4. If there is oxidation, use the Silver Polishing Cloth to obtain a brilliant polish; or use a toothpaste to gently scrub and rinse with water then dry with a fine cotton cloth.
5. If the above methods do not clean your oxidized jewelry, please contact us (@tpv6715n) and we will assist you with professional equipments.

Pearl wearing and maintenance method

1. The best way to maintain pearls is to wear them regularly, because the body's natural oils keep the pearls shiny.
2. Keep pearls away from household chemicals, including perfumes, cosmetics, and hair sprays. The chemicals in these products will make the pearl's luster dim. It is recommended that you wear pearls at the last minute before you go out. First remove pearls when you go home.
3. Pearls contain a certain amount of water, excessive exposure to sunlight will lead to water loss and affect its internal structure, so try to avoid exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.
4. Do not use water to clean pearl jewelry, and do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or bathe. Because tap water contains a lot of chloride, direct washing will make the chloride touches the surface of the pearl, which will cause the pearl to turn yellow and lose its luster.
5. Sweat can also damage the pearl's luster, so every time wearing a pearl jewelry, gently wipe it with a delicate soft cloth (such as soft flannel for cleaning glasses or camera lens), and store it after air drying. Never use tissue paper to wipe it, which is likely to scratch the pearl skin.
6. When not wearing pearl jewelry, it can be stored in a dry box with soft, clean flannel. It should be separated from other jewelry to avoid scratching the fragile surface of the pearl when stored.
7. Do not seal with a zipper bag, which will cause the pearl to fade yellow, because the pearl needs fresh air, remember to wear it every few months, let the pearl breathe the air.