Cultivateing a brand, let the world see Taiwan

by mittag jewelry

During the lunch break, I have no appetite so walking into the tea room, pour some juice, eat some biscuits to fill the stomach. But I was still thinking about the meeting earlier, because although the work progress of the autumn and winter of 2019 has entered the completion stage, but it seems that the work of the design team must be more advanced. Our founder has already begun to request the product planning for 2020.

"I will come up with the design trend for 2020, and provide some design ideas before doing product planning..." said James. James is a partner of Fisher, and he is an out-and-out designer. Because many of his ideas are similar to Fisher’s, which is the idea of working with Taiwanese brands when they were studying in the UK. Due to the previous article "comes from Taiwan | the story of mittag jewelry" was well received, and we even received several media companies to invite interviews. So today, we will have another core character of mittag to share his thought about mittag!

From the top enterprise to build the own brand

James, who has always been cheerful, often said: "I have been studying in design from a high school to a postgraduate in university for a lifetime, and I have been working in the design area for more than 10 years. Now it is time to really show my talents!" "Taiwan's brands are really too less, the current Taiwanese industry is still mainly based on OEM. When the OEM industry is turning overseas to find a cheaper labor market, what is left in Taiwan? Moreover, because most of Taiwan’s industries are OEMs for foreign brands, the service has not been transformed to branding in a timely manner, so the case of making a brand successfully in Taiwan is really rare..." he said helplessly.

Because James had been working for the Taiwanese leading OEM factory for a short time in the early days, he said that the experience made him decide to stay away from the OEM industry, and then wanted to enter the Taiwanese brand company as an ambition. Therefore, after returning from the UK, he briefly experienced the work for OEM, and immediately entered the design team of acer computer, and accompanied acer all the way to the second largest scale in the world." I will always remember the days when I worked at acer, it is an excellent Taiwanese company that opened up my brand thinking. It is a visionary operating model of founder and chairman Stan Shih. At the same time, it attaches importance to independent R&D and brand management and fades out of OEM. The move created the brilliant Taiwan brand miracle at that time. This is the famous smile curve theory of Mr. Shih..."

Later, because James wanted to realize the brand operation so transfer to a well-known Taiwan sports brand company, and to meet the different needs of the national market with product development and design strategies. "Because this Taiwanese brand belongs to the traditional industry, the breakthrough in new technology or new materials is actually very limited. It is necessary to find out new business opportunities through an in-depth understanding of the different needs of various regional markets and consumers". "Those were tough days! Every day I had meetings with my boss till very late at night and took the last metro to go home. Then I had to go to work early on time the next morning..." Looking at the distance, James, who has revealed his infinite thoughts, continued: "But the valuable experience of more than ten years really allows us to have enough learning and practical operations before we create our own brand. This is a precious experience that people can hardly get for majority that wants to start a business. But now, we hope to create another Taiwanese brand that let the world sees Taiwan... We have always been so hopeful..."

Assignment of responsibility to achieve branding thinking

Now, James is the design director of mittag, responsible for the proposal and implementation of the company's product design, because he has been in the design field for a long time, involved in the graphic, multimedia and industrial design, so in the company, no matter the website, commercials and merchandise design will be his responsible for planning and implementation; and to cooperate with the founder who has business thinking and experiences of the international marketing and international business background. "I am not the best person to manage and operate a company, but I believe that I will be an important promoter of a brand that cannot be lacked. And because I am a designer, I am a more emotional person, I can make products, but when it comes to company operations, I think Fisher is more suitable than me. Under such operation, brand can have a better chance to succeed...". James went on to say: "It is also worth mentioning that mittag adopts European and American-style equal management methods, because through the operation of equal management and assignment of responsibility, many young people with ideas and abilities can join the mittag team and be able to providing a good internal communication and operation platform for them to enjoy their creativity here. This is also the valuable experience that has been experienced in international brand companies. So, we want mittag to have this DNA..."

Protecting the earth and loving Taiwan are the core values of mittag jewelry

"I always remember that when Fisher invited me to beach cleanup for the first time, she seriously said that this is the core value of mittag jewelry (supporting Taiwan with practical actions). In fact, my heart was full of suspicion at the beginning..." James joked and said: "But as time goes by, I gradually began to understand her intentions. When I saw that she insisted that all the manufacturers that cooperate with mittag are Taiwanese companies, even if mittag will have to pay a higher cost. Or seeing her almost seek all over Taiwan for a piece of silver polish cloth, finally found the only remaining Taiwan silver polish cloth factory in Taiwan, and even asked the manufacturer to provide a non-toxic certification through SGS, because she insisted on using harmless products to people and friendly to the environment. Also, in order to implement environmental protection and love the earth, she also insisted on the use of environmentally friendly soy ink printing packaging... Recently, we are planning to convert the next generation of packaging materials into FSC certified materials!". Moreover, in order to implement the friendly environment and care for the vulnerable groups, she has worked hard for several years to provide consumers with jewelry made of eco materials, so that Taiwan can also contribute to the world. Therefore, in May 2020, mittag jewelry successfully became an international certified member of "Fairmined" and being the only jewelry brand in Taiwan that uses fair trade precious metals (materials from mines). And in March 2021, we adapted the "Organic Gold" and "Organic Silver" (materials from recycle) produced by Taiwan's UWin Nanotech. Since then, consumers have been provided that whether you want to choose mined gold/silver or recycled gold/silver, jewelry made from good intentions comes from an environmentally friendly thought.

However, James suddenly changed his attitude and said with a serious look: "But I know more about Fisher from the mittag jewelry advertising film. From the lens, I deeply understand the belief that she wants to convey. Moreover, in these days, we also know more and more people who share the same convictions with mittag. They are keen to provide Taiwanese landscapes, humanities and cultures photos and Taiwan's beautiful aerial videos for us to edit brand films and share on social medias. Hoping that more people can start to pay attention and care for this land. Because we are offering more than just a commodity, but a deep mind of "Loving Taiwan"!"


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