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mittag jewelry|our materials


Committed to providing beautiful jewelry while protecting the environment and avoiding the depletion of the earth's resources, mittag jewelry has been using recycled precious metal  since the establishment of the brand in 2012. Recycled precious metal has been refined by professional precious metal recyclers from Taiwan's computer 3C product chips, or jewelry stores. In addition to helping to reduce the permanent environmental damage caused by mining, it can also greatly help the sustainable recycling of Taiwan’s local resources.


Excitingly, in 2020, mittag jewelry became the only jewelry brand in Taiwan that uses fair trade gold. The internationally certified Fairmined precious metals have been used in the production process, so that the story behind each piece of jewelry is beautifully like its own. In addition, in order to provide consumers with a more environmentally friendly recycled precious metal, mittag jewelry adapted Taiwan’s UWin Nanotech’s unique "eco gold stripping technology" recycled gold/silver which are called "Organic Gold" and "Organic Silver" in March, 2021. Since then, consumers have been provided with two material options, and whether you choose Fairmined Gold/Silver from mine area or Organic Gold/Silver from recycling, they are all coming from a friendly environment, no exploitative labor, and sustainable resources. The material source behind each piece of jewelry you buy at mittag makes it shine as beautifully as it does. 

mittag jewelry uses Fairmined Gold and Organic Silver


Like mittag jewelry’s metal, we present the original material in its way. The gems we use are also faithfully marked in the product description. For example, the pearls will be honestly marked with freshwater pearls or Akoya pearls. You can rest assured to purchase products.


We avoid the use of plastic materials in every aspect of packaging, even in the cushion buffer area. The mittag jewelry packaging is printed with soy ink, and plans to phase in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) material in the future, so that it can be naturally decomposed by the environment or recycled again to achieve zero waste.

Silver polish cloth

Made in Taiwan, made of 100% cotton, the only one silver polishing cloth that has been verified 23 items by SGS, it's safe, non-toxic and harmless (no preservatives, no formaldehyde, no azo, no fluorescer). Applicable to gold, platinum, K gold, sterling silver, etc., brilliant polish with a long lasting protection against tarnish. Do not wash the polishing cloth.
The outer packaging is made of environmentally friendly paper and printed with soy ink. We invite you to implement environmental protection and love the earth together with us.

mittag jewelry使用通過SGS 23項無毒認證測試
mittag jewelry使用通過SGS 23項無毒認證測試