mittag jewelry|purchasing notice

1. Any item you bought at mittag jewelry can be recycled by mittag(except for diamond, gem products), and you can purchase your new mittag jewelry at 20% off discount. One-piece merchandise recycling can enjoy once discount. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


2. Not all products are available in full-size selection (especially rings or bangles). Please refer the published size and delivery time of each product on the official website. If there is any other size requirement, please feel free to discuss with us. In general, other sizes require about 2 weeks of waiting time.


3. All products are designed and made by mittag, not import from distributors. Please feel free to purchase.


4. All products are provided with mittag brand packages, brand guarantee cards, brand gift bags, etc....


5. Necklaces will most likely be paired with 40cm or 45cm 925 sterling silver chains, while some designs will be paired with special length 925 sterling silver chains or leather cords. In case if silver chain manufacturers supply changes, mittag reserves the right to change the style of the 925 sterling silver chain.


6. The bracelet configuration length is: 12cm for baby, 16cm for lady, 20cm for men; please feel free to request if there are other sizes needed. In case if silver chain manufacturers supply changes, mittag reserves the right to change the style of the 925 sterling silver chain.


7. The baby bracelet gets a free service extended to 16cm (from 12cm) to meet the needs of the baby growing up. (each baby bracelet is available for only one-time length extended service).


8. The customer has seven-day appreciation period (unless otherwise specified), a requirement of other products replacement (the price of the replaced product shall be paid separately) shall be raised within 7 days (including holidays) from the date of receiving goods. Customer shall cover both way transportation costs, and we only offer one-time replacement.


8.1 To follow above point, products which are not included in seven-day appreciation period, mainly are:

Customized products: products are originally requested by consumers.

Customized processing products: including laser engraving, manual stamping, etc...

Customized material products: with mittag design, but the material is customized by the customer (such as platinum, gold, etc...). If there is any dispute, the judgement is according to mittag official website posted materials.


9. When receiving the products, please be sure to confirm the contents within 7 days (including holidays).


10. If the product is defective, you can choose either full refund or the product replacement (the replacement product price gap shall be paid separately), and mittag will cover the return shipping costs. Product defectives are defined as missing parts or products that are damaged or incomplete.


11. If you need to return the goods, please write to or line@ID:@tpv6715n,  within 7 days after receiving the products (including holidays). 


12. Please send back all the products packages when returning. And we will refund within 7 working days after we confirm all items are correct.