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comes from Taiwan | the story of mittag jewelry

by mittag jewelry

Around the corner near our studio is a coffee shop where has always been a place that our colleagues love to visit when taking a rest. The industrial style is decorated with large floor-to-ceiling windows, making the winter sunny day afternoon tea time particularly cosy. On this day, me is going to take a coffee latte.

"Hey! here you come, too!" A familiar voice passed over, and I quickly turned to look.

"Yes...Fisher, you are here?!" I was surprised. Fisher is the founder of mittag jewelry, because our company adopts an equal management method like Europe and America, we call each other by their English names directly, so everyone feels like a friend, this is one reason that I like this company very much.

"Come on! Let’s have a coffee break together!" She patted the sofa and asked me to sit with her.

And so, we started a long conversation. In the conversation, I also raised a question that I have been wondering for a long time, that is: “why did Fisher create mittag jewelry?” After the conversation, I feel that this is very suitable to share with people like you and me who love Taiwan so much.

First time branding impression impact of Taiwan = Nike

Fisher said that when she was young, she traveled abroad for the first time and chose to travel to Italy as a backpacker. When she was sightseeing in Venice, an Italian asked her where she came from. Fisher answered: "Taiwan!" The Italian replied: "Oh~Nike~", she had many question marks in her mind, everyone knows Nike is not a Taiwanese brand. Why did the Italian say Taiwan... Then, it took a long time to figure out that the Italian meant that Taiwan was the manufacturing factory of Nike! This is the first time that Fisher has faced the impression impact between a brand and a foundry. At that time, Fisher made a wish, and vowed to work for Taiwanese brands companies (not Taiwan foundries) in the future, let Taiwanese brands can be seen in the world. Because of this thought, she went to the UK for a master degree in international marketing management several years later; however, when studying in the UK, she experienced the bad reputation of mit (made in taiwan), when there were several foreign films/advertisements made fun of the mit products, and implied mit product can only be used for once. The impact of such injuries on Taiwan's foundry industry is huge, and Fisher has been saddened by this quite a lot. Therefore, she has decided to make efforts and contributions to correct the image of mit.

After obtaining a master degree, Fisher turned down job opportunities in Europe, she did not consider working for a foreign company in Taiwan. After returning to Taiwan, she tried her best to get her dream job which was to work for Acer Incorporated. She therefore worked at acer for several years. In addition to her dream of working with Taiwanese brands, she also saw how a Taiwanese international brand managed, how to operate different brand values on all continents, and also participated in the brand's marketing through various channels. The most important thing was to meet many like-minded friends who love Taiwan here. With these friends’ supports and encourages, she was not feeling alone on the road to start a business.

Second time branding impact of suppoting MIT products

When she went abroad as a backpacker in Eastern Europe in 2011, she met a young Nordic backpacker at the youth hostel. The Nordic traveller asked Fisher’s nationality. Then he was very excited to say to Fisher: "I am using the Taiwanese brand htc mobile phone. And, it’s very good to use! But... why are you using iPhone?” At the time, Fisher felt like being punched at heart: “Yes! Besides working for a Taiwanese brand company, why didn’t I take actual actions such as buying Taiwanese products to support the Taiwan brands?!” . From that moment on, Fisher has completely changed the consumption habits. She tries to buy Taiwanese brand products as far as possible, unless there really has no choices. She changed to use htc mobile phone, Tatong home appliances. Taiwan national brand laiv clothes, and most of the shoes were from ASO. In terms of diet, she buys and eats Taiwan agricultural products, in addition to supporting Taiwanese farmers, this can also greatly reduce carbon footprint. (Now, buying and using Taiwanese local products has become the first criterion for mittag silver in shopping and business cooperation).

However, after several years in the technology industry, Fisher felt that as a small screw could contribute so little in a large company. On the other hand, she felt that the technology products were colder and wanted to have temperature products. Because of the above reasons, she took a 90-degree turn to create a Taiwan brand and decided to provide a handmade products with warm temperature feeling, and the brand name must convey the spirit/quality of mit. After a constant proposal, communication, selection, and voting, everyone finally chose mittag to convey the spirit of mit brand, and decided to use "full Taiwan manufacturing" as our goal and commitment (including the product itself and all packagings).

The spirit and belief of being nature and being self that mittag jewelry wants to convey

In addition, mittag is a German word at the same time, meaning noon, the only break which belongs to ourselves in all day hard work. During this lunch break, we will be able to return to nature and return to be ourselves, such as to eat lunch or sandwich by a tree or on the grass, with our favorite colleagues or friends, to share our interested topics and dreams for future; just like mittag jewelry wants to convey the loyalty to be ourselves. With a handmade product with warm temperature, it conveys the attitude of returning to the nature, original, self-satisfaction and self-pursuit. Because in the depths of the heart, everyone is eager to fight for a moment of tranquility, just like having a cup of coffee in the afternoon in the office. This kind of pursuit of inner self-satisfaction is the most important belief that the mittag brand wants to convey.

In order to remind ourselves all the time "don't forget the original intention" (create a brand from Taiwan, provide products with handmade temperature), we decided to have mittag logo in handwriting style, with handwritten thousands times of mittag logo, and the team repeatedly screened out the most appropriate writing to make the brand logo, hope to directly convey the brand's handmade spirit through handwritten logo, and to offer a handmade design that can not be replaced by industrial machine mass production. We advocate simple, pure, natural style, without too over-designed, and like to evoke your recollection of nature and childlike fun by creating a lot of heart-warming goods; and, we insist on using nature material (silver, K gold, woods, leathers...), does not use chemically plated metal treatment, does not use high temperature and high pressure gemstone optimization treatment, provides the most primitive and simple texture of the material. We hoped that these works made of natural materials will accompany you for a long time to use and wear out another beautiful life course.

With other members joining in, everyone's position is to support the love of mit products, as mentioned in another article "The touching of the handmade brand! Introducing Taiwanese handmade brands", we buy Taiwan brand "Mao’s Joyful Kiln" hand-painted and glazed plate; Mimi loves a Taiwanese handmade leather goods brand "ea handmade sandals boutique apparel" in Taichung City; as for me loves to use the simple outside, sincere inside Taiwan brand "Yuan" handmade soap. We deeply internalize loving mit, we love mit, we support mit with actions, we are proud of mit!

2011年mittag jewelry創辦人於離職之際接受Acer Inc.部門贈與寫上"愛台灣"的離職紀念品

Although Fisher has left acer for several years, the inside her heart to support domestic brands has never stopped. Until now, she still buys and uses acer desktops and notebooks. Acer is always the number one brand in Fisher's heart.

We sincerely invite you to join mittag jewelry #love Taiwan, starting from buying and supporting Taiwanese brands in daily life!

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